Monday, 27 May 2013

Strategies for Flexible Learning.

This is a work in progress, just starting to explore the strategies module and here is the link to my first strategy template.

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  1. Strategy 1: Create the opportunity for students interested in midwifery to build or enhance understanding of the different settings in which midwives work.

    Great thinking - providing video resources of interviews to bring the midwifery profession alive for students. This will assist them with authentic learning and visual learning - this can be justified by some literature to support your approach. Research evidence about using video for learning would also be useful - visual learners etc. When you are thinking about the justification of this video approach this resource might be useful.

    How to effectively use video in e-learning.

    If you look via google scholar - lots of research material should come up in this area - authentic learning, videos for learning.
    Some suggestions:

    It would be a good idea to create a Youtube channel - private if necessary - to which students could subscribe using any portable device. This would also save space in moodle, and make the videos more accessible - Moodle is a "dog" if using a mobile device.

    Make sure you also get the interviewees to sign media release forms... to cover yourself.

    I think this aspect will need to be carefully designed (Teacher guides students’ inquiry by prompting them with things to consider prior to watching the videos) - as will the facilitation of the discussion and reflection about the responses to the video interviews.

    You will need to be clear about the learning objectives when using these resources as they will help you to develop a framework for the students' learning. For example, is it general information about midwifery settings that you want to convey or do you want the students to inquire into a range of midwifery settings for developing clinical knowledge or for deciding on where to go for potential placements? Or do you want them to critique different midwifery environments - if so to what purpose? Understanding midwifery theory etc.

    It would be good to get more sense of what the interviews will be about - cases, what it is like to work in different settings, perceptions of the current state of midwifery etc.??

    Great start...I am a curious bunny.